About Education and Freedom

The purpose of Education and Freedom is to address issues and alternatives related to the failure of American Education to meet the needs of students who most require the support of our greater society in order to not merely survive but to thrive in today’s world.

I am a career educator who has served in the classroom (middle and high school Biology and Life Science), in a district office (science specialist, assessment specialist, and curriculum supervisor), as a high school principal, as a State DOE bureaucrat, and as a consultant. In addition, I served for six years as an HR specialist with a major retailer and a large university where I specialized in employment, as well as training and development.
In the classroom, my assignments primarily involved working with disadvantaged students. At the district level, I developed and wrote curricula for over two dozen high school courses, developed and presented numerous curriculum and assessment training experiences for faculty and administrators, and developed and managed an assessment program that included end-of-course assessments for sixteen academic courses.
I was appointed to a principal’s position with the specific charge of restructuring a high school under the auspices of No Child Left Behind. The school, at that time, had a demographic of 30% working class students, 30% advantaged white students, and 40% disadvantaged students of color, the latter group having been revealed by NCLB to have, in fact, been left behind.
For two years during my work on behalf of the Pennsylvania DOE, I managed the development and review of improvement plans for over 800 failing schools, again under the auspices of NCLB. In conjunction with these responsibilities, I worked with a lead manager to develop the conceptual structure and function of the online instrument used by schools to develop improvement plans, and along with the manager, I was involved with the development and presentation of related training that was presented to over 1500 state educators.
As sole proprietor of ESAI Consultation, I served on the Secretary’s committee that supported efforts to develop a Waiver for NCLB, and I served as an Academic Recovery Liaison charged with supporting the improvement efforts of identified Philadelphia charter schools.
For several months after formally retiring from Education, I created a blog (Education Follies), which presented numerous posts related to standardized assessment, the lack of educator understanding of human motivation, matters related to race and education, and other education-related matters. Those blog posts, along with my experiences from my time as a principal, have been included in a memoir of sorts: Educational Follies: Over Forty Years Tilting at Windmills for No Apparent Reason. It can be purchased in book form, but a link on the website that follows will generate a tablet-friendly, free .pdf version: www.jeffleenovels.com. This website is a portal to my hobby: I craft fiction and other writing under the pseudonym of Jeff Lee. More information about me, as well as links to and samples of my writing, can be accessed at my website: Jeff Lee Creations.