Overthrow the Status Quo

(Click on the title to read the entire post) This is not a pendulum swinging. It is a firmly planted rubber wall that represents this reality: it is the privileged who hold the power; NOT We the People. From time to time, The People rush against the rubber wall with such force that it stretches to a place where the world appears different (e.g. French Revolution), but the people stretching apparent reality become complacent, or simply tire of the effort and stop pushing, and when the force in the elasticity of privilege, which has never diminished, begins to reassert itself, the wall of reality snaps back to where it was in the first place.

I pledge allegiance…

(Click on the title to read the entire post) I have been going through those files and have come across two pages that awakened a memory about a time over forty years ago when some "True Americans" were bemoaning the fact that students might be allowed to opt out of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning of every school day. As a 7th grade homeroom teacher in 1975, I witnessed this regular exercise every day and was of the opinion that for most students, it was a mindless mumble of meaningless words, and I had the temerity to say so in the teacher's lounge during a discussion among my colleagues over lunch. Attacked as the second coming of King George III, a Russian instigator, and someone who was advocating the end of American Democracy as it was then known, I decided to gather some evidence.

We shall be as a city upon a hill…

(Click on the title to read the entire post) I’m sick near to death with the predictable responses of the group of politicians who 1) claim mass killings are not who “we” are, 2) point to emotional instability of killers with the implication that killers would not kill if only we could get them therapeutic help, and 3) ask us to pray for victims and their families; none of these politicians acknowledge the underlying recipe for the toxic stew in which we Americans are immersed…

Why Helicopter Parents Get It Wrong – by Bebe Nicholson

Wikipedia defines a helicopter parent (also called a cosseting parent or simply a cosseter) as a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child’s or children’s experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. Paying close attention would be admirable if parents were insisting their children complete homework assignments, behave appropriately, and learn how to deal positively with failure and gracefully with success. But this isn’t what helicopter parents are doing. Instead, they’re insisting their children receive good grades without earning them and receive special accommodations without needing them.

Standardized Testing and the Emperor’s New Clothes

I suppose I was in the second grade when the fable was read to me, but even at that age, the fable made me aware that children can have great power if they are honest, and equally important, I was provided with the insight that adults, especially important and powerful adults, are willing to go along with something preposterous because they are afraid to be the “only one” to stand up for a truth—especially if they had been outspoken in supporting something very questionable.