Reunion (A Christmas Story)

(Click on the image in order to read the entire post.) Kate read the letter again and then carefully folded it and returned it to the envelope. She wiped a tear from her eye and lifted up the tissue paper that covered the remaining contents of the box. She found items that must have been important to her Uncle Manny: three snapshots of him at boot camp, and one taken somewhere in Korea, a tiny ivory carving of a dragon, a small prayer book on the inside leaf of which his mother had written a simple prayer, a small stack of letters from home, and a delicate carving of a dog wondering at a baby asleep in a manger. The tears in Kate’s eyes made it difficult to see the details of a master’s craft, but she recognized the work she had never seen.  Walter Thicke, 1917, was clearly etched into the bottom of it.

We shall be as a city upon a hill…

(Click on the title to read the entire post) I’m sick near to death with the predictable responses of the group of politicians who 1) claim mass killings are not who “we” are, 2) point to emotional instability of killers with the implication that killers would not kill if only we could get them therapeutic help, and 3) ask us to pray for victims and their families; none of these politicians acknowledge the underlying recipe for the toxic stew in which we Americans are immersed…

Some People Call Me Maurice

The quality, nostalgic tone, and important social message are why I am reposting this post from another blog.

radical eyes for equity

I’m a joker, I’m a smoker
I’m a midnight toker

“The Joker,” Steve Miller Band

I’m mixing weed with wine

Walk It Back,” The National

The universe occasionally can be quite trippy.

Over coffee I was telling a friend about Don Nelson’s recent admission about what he has been doing lately: “I’ve been smoking some pot.”

Then, I realized the coffee shop was wafting over their music system Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker.” I sang quietly a bit of the lyrics because this song was ever-present during my adolescence spent in the 1970s.

“Man,” I said, joking a bit, “I should have been smoking pot when I was listening to this stuff in high school. I really wasted an opportunity.”

Here’s the irony: It was during high school that I switched to contact lenses from my glasses, but these were some heavy-duty hard lenses of the time. As a…

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The War between Equality and Individual Freedom

As long as the current emphasis on “my side winning” exists, compromise will be impossible. When it comes to education, we should not be concerned about whether one side or the other is winning. We should be concerned about whether or not our American way of life is winning, a way of life that values both equality and liberty and uses the goodwill of fraternity to find a balance within the contradiction with which most Americans can live. (Click on the title to read the entire post.)